Exploring the Relationship Between Bank Routing Numbers and Account Numbers

Will changing my bank routing number affect my account number?

Exploring the Relationship Between Bank Routing Numbers and Account Numbers


In the world of banking and financial transactions, understanding the components that make up your account is crucial. Two essential elements are your bank routing number and account number. If you're considering changing your bank routing number, you might wonder whether this will have any impact on your account number. This blog post aims to shed light on the relationship between these two numbers and how changes to one might affect the other.

Defining Bank Routing Numbers and Account Numbers

Before delving into the potential impact of changing your bank routing number, let's clarify what these numbers represent:

Bank Routing Number: A bank routing number is a unique nine-digit code assigned to financial institutions. It's used to identify the bank where your account is held and is crucial for routing electronic transactions such as direct deposits, wire transfers, and automated bill payments.

Account Number: Your account number is a unique set of digits assigned to your specific bank account within the financial institution. It distinguishes your account from others held at the same bank.

Impact of Changing Your Bank Routing Number on Your Account Number

Changing your bank routing number does not inherently affect your account number. These two numbers are distinct identifiers that serve different purposes in financial transactions. Here's why changing your bank routing number typically does not impact your account number:

Independent Numbers: Bank routing numbers and account numbers are independent of each other. They play separate roles in facilitating transactions and identifying your account.

Maintaining Account Identity: Financial institutions ensure that when routing number changes occur, the account identity remains intact. This means that even if your routing number changes, your account number remains the same.

Instances When Account Numbers Might Change

While changing your bank routing number doesn't usually affect your account number, there are some cases where your account number might change:

Account Conversion: In certain situations, such as converting a savings account to a checking account or vice versa, the bank might assign a new account number. This change is typically communicated to the account holder.

Bank Merger or Acquisition: If your bank merges with or is acquired by another institution, there's a possibility that account numbers might change. However, such changes are usually well-communicated in advance.

Steps to Take When Changing Your Bank Routing Number

When you're changing your bank routing number, focus on updating the necessary parties with the new information, such as your employer, service providers, and government agencies. Your account number remains the same throughout this process, so there's no need to worry about updating it.


Understanding the relationship between your bank routing number and account number is vital for smooth financial transactions. While changing your bank routing number doesn't typically affect your account number, it's essential to be aware of any situations that might lead to changes in either number. Focus on accurate communication and timely updates to ensure your financial activities continue uninterrupted, regardless of any changes you make to your bank routing number.

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