How to Obtain a SWIFT/BIC Code for a New Bank Account

How do I obtain a SWIFT/BIC code for a new bank account?

How to Obtain a SWIFT/BIC Code for a New Bank Account


If you're opening a new bank account and plan to engage in international transactions, having a SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) or BIC (Bank Identifier Code) code is essential. These codes are crucial for identifying financial institutions worldwide and facilitating secure cross-border transfers. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the steps to obtain a SWIFT/BIC code for your new bank account.

Choose a Bank with International Services

To obtain a SWIFT/BIC code for your new bank account, you must first choose a bank that offers international banking services. Most major banks provide this service, but it's essential to confirm that the bank you're considering has a global presence and can handle international transactions.

Open a Bank Account

Once you've selected a suitable bank, you'll need to open a bank account. Depending on the bank and the type of account you require, this process may involve:

Providing identification and personal information.
Meeting any minimum deposit requirements.
Completing the necessary application forms.

Ensure you discuss your intention to conduct international transactions with the bank during the account opening process to ensure that your account is equipped for such activity.

Inquire About SWIFT/BIC Code Availability

During the account opening process, inquire about the availability of a SWIFT/BIC code for your new account. Most banks that offer international services will automatically provide you with a SWIFT/BIC code when you open an account. However, it's a good practice to confirm this with the bank to avoid any surprises.

Receive Your SWIFT/BIC Code

Once your new bank account is set up, and you've confirmed the availability of a SWIFT/BIC code, the bank will provide you with the code. They may issue it on your account documents, send it to you via email, or provide it through their online banking platform.

Store Your SWIFT/BIC Code Securely

Your SWIFT/BIC code is sensitive information, and it's crucial to store it securely. You'll need it for any international transactions you wish to make. Consider saving it in a secure digital format and having a physical copy as well.

Confirm Account Details

Ensure that the account details linked to your SWIFT/BIC code are accurate and up-to-date. Any discrepancies or errors in the account information can lead to issues with international transfers.

Initiate International Transactions

With your new bank account and SWIFT/BIC code in hand, you're ready to initiate international transactions. You can use this code to receive funds from abroad, make international wire transfers, and engage in cross-border financial activities.


Obtaining a SWIFT/BIC code for your new bank account is a straightforward process, particularly if you choose a bank with international banking services. By discussing your international banking needs with your chosen bank during the account opening process, you can ensure that you receive the necessary code to facilitate seamless international transactions. Remember to keep your SWIFT/BIC code secure and accessible, as it's an essential component of conducting international financial activities with confidence and efficiency.

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