Fixing a Mistaken Routing Number: Steps to Correct Your Error

How do I correct a routing number if I entered it incorrectly?

Fixing a Mistaken Routing Number: Steps to Correct Your Error


In the world of digital banking, accuracy is key to ensuring seamless financial transactions. However, mistakes can happen, and entering an incorrect routing number is one such common error. If you've entered a wrong routing number while making a payment or setting up a transaction, don't worry—there are steps you can take to correct it. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of rectifying a routing number error and minimizing any potential disruptions to your financial activities.

Step 1: Identify the Mistake

The first step is to identify the error. Double-check the routing number you entered against the correct routing number provided by your recipient's bank. Look for any transposed digits, missing numbers, or other typographical errors that might have led to the mistake.

Step 2: Contact the Recipient

If you've already initiated a transaction with the incorrect routing number, the best course of action is to promptly contact the recipient. This could be the payee, recipient's bank, or the organization you're making the payment to. Explain the situation and provide the correct routing number to ensure that they have the accurate information for processing the transaction.

Step 3: Contact Your Bank

If you realized the error before the transaction has been processed, get in touch with your own bank as well. Banks can sometimes intercept transactions before they are finalized and make necessary adjustments. Inform your bank about the mistake, provide the correct routing number, and inquire about the options available to rectify the error.

Step 4: Be Prepared for Delays

In some cases, rectifying a routing number error might cause a delay in the processing of your transaction. Prepare for this possibility, especially if the error is discovered after the payment has been initiated. Communicate with both your bank and the recipient to keep them informed about the situation and to manage expectations.

Step 5: Verify All Details

When resubmitting the transaction with the correct routing number, take the opportunity to verify all other details, such as account numbers, amounts, and any reference information. Ensuring that all information is accurate will help prevent further errors and streamline the processing of your transaction.

Step 6: Learn from the Experience

Mistakes happen, but they can also be valuable learning experiences. Take this opportunity to review your process for entering routing numbers and other critical details. Consider using copy-and-paste functions if available, and double-check your entries before finalizing transactions.


Correcting an incorrect routing number is a straightforward process that involves clear communication, prompt action, and attention to detail. By being proactive in identifying and rectifying the error, you can minimize disruptions to your financial activities and maintain the integrity of your transactions. Remember to stay patient and stay in touch with both your bank and the recipient to ensure a smooth resolution.

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